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December 14, 2012

Witchcraft is as old as the proffession of prostitution.What is called witchcraft in one characteristic may be called black magic in another characteristic.There are two kinds of witchcraft that we want to touch on,firstly the raising of people from the dead to act as messengers of witches to unsuspecting people,usually to cause torment.Secondly the witchcraft or black magic that has never been revealed to you until today.There are women who were born with a witchcraft spirit passed on from an aunt or a great grandmother or even some ancient force.Some of these women know that they are witches but the most dangerous are the ones who do not know that they are witches.At times such women live victorious lives in churches and attribute their success to God, not knowing that it is the witchcraft power on them that steals talents from other church members and gives them a fair share of respect wherever they go,some of these women have mubobobo,a black magic power that allows them to sleep with any unsuspecting man in broad daylight or at night,if that man is lucky or covered by some grace he will know that something is wrong when he dreams of such an incidence,some wet dreams are not natural,that man or boy is actually sleeping with someone, a witch,even a beautiful one.The illuminati is a religion that takes advantage of such black magic powers for their own advantage but here we are not discussing the illuminati.MILLIONAIRE TIPS.Know the age you are living in,view here

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