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November 10, 2012

NO TO POLITICAL VIOLENCE.Donate towards the cause and song,view video  In life we should try to get our facts as correct as possible.Every death that occurs to a top celebrity today is linked to the illuminati,it is not so in each and every case.Even if Bob Marley had cancer,cancer is not what killed him nor was it the illuminati either.Bob Marley preached the illuminati,new world order doctrine and like 2 pac,jay z,bob dylan,john lennon and jackson browne was top cream amongst the illuminati voices.Marley was killed because HE SIPPED LIKE A WHITE MAN,that is, to the perception of the general non illuminati populace,he sang about the upliftment of the third world and yet he himself drank the best beverages,ate and slept in 5 star hotels and ate the best meals.The people who killed him were simply jealous of him.How did they kill him? Why do these things happen freely in life? Who killed him?Juju from fellow jealous countrymen killed Bob. GOSPEL CONSPIRACY touching illuminati pastors,oprah,the pope and Africa juju prophets,view video

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